Meet our volunteers


I’m Sue, mum to two daughters and three sons plus Bibi to six grandchildren. Between them we have dealt with Asperger’s syndrome, Type 1 diabetes, a blocking stammer, sensory processing difficulties, ITP, HSP, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and aortic stenosis. Two have had EHCP’s, one on the third attempt, the other after tribunal, we’ve also had to go through tribunal to get one sons PIP award. I was first involved with Sefton PCF in 2014 but stepped away before rejoining in July 2018. I’ve learnt a lot from my kids and from friends who’ve battled the system before us, I’d like to repay that by trying to get parent carer voices listened to. 


Hi, I’m Jane and I’ve got twin boys who were identified as having 'learning difficulties' back in nursery. Since 2006 I’ve had to battle to get help for them which is exhausting at times. My Young Men, now over 18, were eventually diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Which as 'adults ' means there are even fewer services available & societies expectations of them, sadly sets them up to fail.

So back in February 2019 I decided to try and make a difference for those following in my footsteps. So, I joined SPCF Steering Group. Everyone here is Friendly and welcoming & it's good to be amongst people who "get it". I feel that the more that parent’s unite & support each other- the greater the chance that our voices will be heard and things will improve for our children.


Hi I’m Monica. I have been in the Sen world since 2012 and I have two children with different diagnoses. I have dealt with PDA, Tourette’s, Kidney, Bladder and Bowel disease, Sensory processing Issues, Dyspraxia, Hyperopia within my family. We have an EHCP and a SEN Support Plan. I have been a member of the forum since 2016 and became a Rep and then a steering member, since 2020.


Hi, my name is Cheylne Bass. I am a mother to a daughter who has a diagnosis of ASD/PDA (pathological demand avoidance). I have dealt with school exclusions, physical abuse, transport and getting independent provisions for my daughters needs. I have attended Halo courses, PDA courses, sensory processing workshops, puberty, and transition workshops and many more to better my knowledge of my daughter’s disability and to learn how to manage it. I have been with the Forum for many years and now I get the chance to use my knowledge to help other parents.


I’m Yael, mum to two autistic young people. I have joined the Steering Committee in July 2018 as the Treasurer, as there were only 2 steering members attending meetings and more hands needed to share the load.

I moved to the UK from Israel in 2003 after marrying my kids’ dad. I worked for the NHS for 3 years, then did a 3-years Primary school Teacher’s Training, graduating from Edge Hill in 2011. That was also the year my daughter started having seizures and was eventually diagnosed with Epilepsy. I have grown in confidence and patience over the years of caring for 2 very different individuals and found humour and friendship working with the other Steering members. I hope to help as many parents and carers as I can, in whichever way, during my time in Sefton PCF.


Hi, I’m Kellie Wright, I am married with 3 children and 1 grandchild. Our birth son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 26, he struggled as a child, but any attempts for support were dismissed. This meant he had a very challenging experience throughout his school life, and also throughout his work life, so far. In 2012 we became legal guardians to 2 beautiful children, from day 1 we have had to fight through every door and knock on every window just to be heard. Then after being heard but then dismissed and ignored, we have fought and fought again to get a diagnosis, and to get recognition of their needs. They are both teenagers now, both attend Special Provision schools, and both have Asd, Adhd and Fasd. Our daughter also has an eye condition causing her to be registered blind in one eye.Throughout my parenting experiences I have gained knowledge in Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD, FASD, ADHD, Nystagmus, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, SPD, Attachment Disorder, Self Harm, Sleep Disorders, Eating Refusal, Sefton Transport, Endocrinology, Mental Health Conditions, Colour Blindness, PTSD, and never ending form filling. I became involved with the SPCF Steering group in February 2019 because I am passionate about supporting other parents and carers in every day life and in facing the trials of being a SEN parent. I truly believe empowering each other and being one voice we can begin to effect change and progression for our young warriors.


A special thank you to all past steering members who contributed to the success we are today, we appreciate all of the hard work, time, passion and energy. 


An extra special thank you to two of our past steering members who are missed every day.